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Boxing Week Sale morphs into our month long moving sale ….watch for a new flyer. We are moving nearby commencing Feb 1st and will be wheeling and dealing until that begins. 

We ALWAYS have far more machines than is listed here.…email your needs. New deals arrive every day.

Feature items –  

Crazy deal trade MacPro 5,1 quad for  5,1 8 core …$770 ! Geekbench 3 (64): 8369 on a Quad core to Geekbench 3 (64): 15462 on this

Just arrive MacPro 5,1 hex core 3.47 gHz  – well priced – big power for less $1440.
 Going fast  2017 2.3 i5 16 gig 256 $1770   ….the Silver Surfer, excellent configuration and savings on current machine. superb pricing. We like this model for value and stunning display. Same weight as an Air but a world of difference in screen and drive speed. We have a few other well priced 13” USB-C machines including touchbar and high end. ..just a delight to use. Compare at $2219  ……the perfect University machine with the 16 gigs. 


The Silver Surfer II Touchbar 2017 3.1 i5 16 gig 512 $2470  ….Demand for larger drive space met .Faster, better graphics, Touchbar and more ports.  Compare at $2889


Very pleased with these deala ….13” Retina  MacBook Pro 8 gig 256 flash $990!! running out  and now  
MacBook Pro 13″ Retina  3.0 i7 16 512 at $1440 Arriving deposit suggested compare at $3249
Stunning screen, can drive dual monitors and drives can be upgraded to 1 TB Flash. Limited numbers we suggest a deposit.


 13” Retina  MacBook Pros our lowest ever prices – easy drive upgrades – one each
13″ rMBP (E 2013 ) 2.4 i5 dual 4GB 1600MHz 128 flash Intel Iris 1.5GB  $799
13″ rMBP (E 2013) 2.6 i5 dual 8GB 1600MHz 128 flash Intel Iris 1.5GB $880

OWC Aura X 1 and 2 TB  Flash upgrades for MacPro 6,1 and late model Retina….. High Sierra only – arriving next week – some in stock now …insane drive speeds.


27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display 3.2 16 gig 1 TB $1770  3 only – SSD options for these.

Sharp deals on current 15” Retina i7 Quads with standard ports
Rare dual GPU machine Retina 15″ MBP (M 2015)2.5 i7 Quad 4.0GHz TurboRetina 16 Gig 1600MHz 512 GB Flash R9 M370X 2GB with remaining Applecare


Fantastic value Retina 15″ MBP (M 2015) 2.8 i7 Quad 4.0GHz TurboRetina 16 Gig 1600MHz 256 GB FlashIris Pro 1.5GB Applecare to May 2020 $2290

15″ MBP (2017) 2.8 i7 Quad3.8 ghz Turbo Silver 16 gig 2133GHz 512 GB Flash Radeon Pro 555 2GB  $3150 with Applecare + to July 2020


2017 MacBook Pros amazing prices … Watch the design film


21.5 iMacs with SSDs and Thunderbolt from $770 LED-backlit widescreen TFT LCD with IPS Display 1980 x 1080 HD Resolution • AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR5 memory • Thunderbolt Port, Firewire Port, Secure Digital(SDXC) SC card SlotBluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) wireless technology• Built-in FaceTime HD Camera • Ethernet 10/100/1000. Excellent for parents, students or admin. Flexible OS choice …superbly upgradeable

Very capable machines with Quad processors and able to do both home and light professional work ….very quick with SSD. Will play a movie at full HD resolution. Very upgradeable. A pleasure to use with the speed SSD adds. Up to 1 TB SSD ….a variety of models including 4K.


Solid portable Macs from $390. Retina from $990 ….2017 from $1770

Sealed 12″ MacBook  8 gig 512 and Applecare to Apr. 2020 $1590.


Lovely 2015  15” MacBook Pro Retinas up to 2.8 i7 Quad 16 512  with Apple warranties in stock.   Standard ports for ease of use. Some trades welcome.

Unexpected treat – mid 2014  15″ Retina MacBook Pro 2.2 i7 Quad 16 gigs RAM 512 Flash$1690. Crazy good turboBoost on this model to 3.4 gHz and 8 processing threads.running out..

 Add a matching OWC Travel Dock for $59 with any USB-C laptop

Also in stock Space Grey  2016 MacBook Pro 13” 8 gig 256 non- touchbar …superb pricing. We like this model for value and stunning display. Same weight as an Air but a world of difference in screen and drive speed. $1770 with extended Applecare to July 2020. 2 only


Sealed 13″ Macbook Pro 2.9 i5 8 gig 256 Flash with Touchbar and extended Applecare $2170 – delightful machine. Very quick. These 13″ have the same screen resolution – 1680 – as earlier Hi-Rez 15″. If you don’t need the power of a 15″ Quad….these will astonish you.

 13” Air 1.7 i7  8 gig 256 …insane battery life $990! These are Haswell processors and will drive a big screen.  They are a delight…just 2.96 lb yet 1440×900 resolution …same as a standard 15″ MacBook Pro. Right RAM, right price, right feature set. Fine for light pro work.  Last call.

27-inch iMac with Retina 5K  display 3.5 gHz 16 gigs RAM 1 TB Fusion drive $2190  with  extended Applecare to July 2020


In stock ...astonishing MacPro deal with Apple warranty. Talk to us about best use.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) 3.7 Quad 3.9GHz Turbo 16 gig 1867 MHz superb for graphics or music
256 GB FlashAMD FirePro D300 full warranty – with off lease  27″Apple Thunderbolt Display $2990

3.5 6 core version available 32 gig 256 without monitor $2990

3.7 without monitor $2550 with full warranty.


Arrived – save hundreds – Pro user deal on 2017 4.2 Quad core i7 iMac 32 gig RAM 2 TB Fusion with 8 GB Video card and extended Applecare This machine will challenge a 6 core MacPro for video edit and upper end graphics. Extended Applecare – 2 only. Deposit strongly recommended. $3880



Godzilla is free….invading MacDoc over the holidays.  Some trades welcome.




Deal time 2017 15″MacBook Pros- too low to publish – some new open box at amazing prices. Some trades welcome ….enjoy the glory of these screens.  Watch the design film

2017 15-inch MacBook Pros Space Grey Touch Bar and Touch ID 3.1 and 2.9GHz quad-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz 16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory 512GB or 1 TB SSD storage Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB memory Four Thunderbolt 3 ports special pricing too low to publish– some trades welcome ….a couple of 2.8s as well

Oh wow …6,1 big gun for less money  –   MacPro 3.5 6 core 32 gig 256 D500s with Dell 27″ 4k monitor  $3990

This is an excellent choice for Pro users needing power and screen provides enormous Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution: Over 8 million pixels with four times the resolution of Full HD, plus wide color coverage at 99% sRGB. Mfg warranties


Quad 2.3 i7 MacMinis in stock  – powerful – compact – various configurations available. Up to 16 gigs of RAM and dual drives – SSD or standard. These are powerful cost effective machines. Others available as well. Bundle with a colour accurate Dell for a powerful – compact desktop.

2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro now in stock and on sale. 13″ and 15” and the screens are a knockout ! We’re sold on them and have lower prices on remaining 2016 stock


In stock – 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro Space Grey Touch Bar and Touch ID 2.9GHz quad-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz 16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory 1TB SSD storage Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB memory Four Thunderbolt 3 ports …special pricing  •••

There are lots of Thunderbolt 3.0 peripherals coming in 2017 including a 6 bay Thunderbay Bolt 3.0 check them out

There is a big time wow factor in these new MacBook Pros – happy to trade you up. 
One Only: Bundle a 2016 MacBook Pro 15” 2.7 i7 Quad 16 gigs of RAM RPro455 2GB with extended Applecare and a Dell color accurate 4k monitor for $3880
Hands on commentary on the 13” and 15”  USB-C Retina MacBook Pro we have in stock.  Thunderbolt 3 docks have arrived.
The 2016/17 MacBook Pros sure deliver in two areas… speeds are off the charts in Black Magic Speed test….2-3 GB per second. The real treat is the improved screen. Doing side by side with my previous generation Retina….the new one is brighter with better 
colour and real “pop” comparable to that of the 5k iMac.
1/2 a lb lighter, ….really a treat for photography…There are no other ports – we have the dongles tho and the fantastic OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock.
99596FAC-3A8E-4D03-B429-2503EC40146FAll monitors except the exceptional USB-C only LG 4k and 5k screens will require adapters.
However there are adapters to HDMi and VGA – lots of support periperipherals are coming. 
If screen quality, drive responsiveness and to some degree weight are priorities…then by all means have a serious look.
The 2016/17s are eye candy in a number of ways. We are VERY impressed with the 13” entry level Retina – value for money is exceptional and they are very capable of light pro work. Big time step up from an Air which they will replace in terms of screen and drive speeds/
The 15” screen is spectacular with bright vivid colours500 nits puts it on a par with the 5k iMac!.The 2015 Retina laptop screen was no slouch at 303 nits…the 2017 screen alone is worth the price of entry.
I found the larger trackpad a bit hard to get used to. I don’t use gestures etc so much is lost on me. The OLED bar is sensitive and easy to get used to. The backlit keys are a whole level up in looks and easy to adapt to. It is lighter than the 2015 tho 13” 2016 felt very light .
The USB-C 15”  is a work of art .. Just looks and feels Pro. Gone is the backlit Apple logo. As with the 13” the drive speeds are insane. Battery long lasting if if smaller and charges really fast. Last but not least…the sound quality and fullness is incredible. Pop Netflix to full screen and get lost in the image clarity and sound field. Welcome to the future.
We consider the 5k iMac and Retina MacBook Pros are the best Macs EVER! 
We are in our 33rd year of working with the Canadian Mac community and can say that from experience.

iMac 27″ 5k 2014 3.5 gHz  i5 16 gigs with 1 TB Fusion drive with extended Applecare $2290. Factory refurb. SImply the best deal we’ve seen in a long time. 5 year machine for many users. Astonishing value…limited number Includes Apple Keyboard and Magic Mouse. 100s have been sold already. Special Pro user deal 32 gigs of RAM and Applecare to July 2020. $2590

We’ve found these high clock Quad i5  to hang in very well against earlier i7s. Great for ProTools and of course graphic and photo users. We have other well priced 5k iMacs i7 quads – excellent prices
Can’t quite swing the 5k…hot price on the 21.5 4k just in starting at $1330!


High prices on 2017 tho has led to a rush on 2014s and 2015s  MacBook Pros- we have a very few left at excellent prices some with remaining Applecare

 2015 15” Retinas  with Apple warranty …- various models ….a very few with dual video cards.  there will be no more
r15″ MBP (M 2015) 2.8 i7 Quad 4.0GHz Turbo Retina 16 Gig 1600MHz 1 TB Flash
Hot deals on i7 Quads with 240 and 480 SSD ….1 and 2 TB SSDs and dual drives available. Consider the value
Back in stock …. the popular 2012 15” 2.3 i7 Quad version  Save nearly $2000 over a similarly equipped 15” USB-C Retina and this is open architecture. Can have dual drives, has FW 800, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt plus optical drive. Audio pro favorites.  – Now with 16 gigs of RAM …..Available with 1 TB SSD as well. Just in rare 2.6 gHz with GT650 1 GB card
15″ MBP (M 2012) 2.3 i7 Quad 3.3GHz Turbo Glossy 16 GB 16000MHz 500 SSD $1390
GT 650M 512MB
11545  2.3 i7 quad w 480 ssd $1390  90% of the power 1/3rd the price!!
13299 2.6 I7 quad current w 512 $3239
Airs mature.

With i7 processors and fast flash drives, the Airs are very suitable for light Pro work. Starting at $890 i7 8 gig 256…Airs have the same screen resolution as earlier 15” 1440×900 so are ideal for school and admin work. They can all drive external monitors and the drives can be upgraded as high as 1TB.. 


Our fav 2012 13″ MacBook Pro, off lease with USB 3.0 are back in stock at lower prices. These just dropped off the Apple new site at $1349 Oct 2016 starting $850 with warranty.

Specials. 8 gigs of RAM and 1 TB 7200 drive $977•  or 8 gigs 240 SSD $977 These are suitable for light Pro work especially in audio and are very upgradeable. Includes optical drive. Backlit keyboard.
Just in 4 gig 120 SSD $849 ..lower price …

In stock 2.9 i7 version ….wicked good deal on the i7 version of these popular machines.  13” MacBook Pro 2.9 i7 8 gig 500 SSD with DVD $1270 These tough and versatile machines can handle 16 gigs of RAM and dual drives…..starting $1170 with 8 gigs 1 TB 7200 drive ….ideal DJ machine or light media creation.  Astonishing Turboboost to 3.6 gHz.  Upgrade to 16s for $70 as my 70th birthday deal.


On a budget? Big price drop , 13” Unibody starting $399  …earlier models but still fine for use and very expandable to 16 gigs of RAM and any drive you like…with 4 gigs 120 SSD. $490  and of course we have some other models of Mac portables in between.
 Also back in stock …20”iMacs for $299
Desktops – iMac and 5,1 Mac Pro and advanced home user
Absolutely off the wall..performance times 2….new models of this incredible performer and lower prices
iMac 21.5 3.1 i7 Quad  Turbo boost to 3.9 gHz  AND hyperthreading for 8 processing threads Dual Thunderbolt USB 3.0 and discrete video maxxed RAM 16 gig 
21.5″ iMac Aluminum 2013 3.1 i7 Quad 3.9mhz Turbo 16 gig 1600MHz 500 SSD GT750 1 GB     $1770

This 2013 performs within a hair of the 2013 MacPro Quad 6,1!!! Truly amazing value for money. Arriving midweek. These fly out the door so suggest a deposit. 

 MacPro 3.7 current  14426
Perfect even for Pro audio or almost anything else and many prefer dual smaller monitors and that is so easy with this model. Far and away the most horsepower for the money of anything around. with 8 processing threads that’s a lot of ooomph. Lower price too. This will run two additional monitors up to 27” each as well.
This model is powered by a 22 nm, 64-bit “Fourth Generation” Intel Mobile Core i7 “Haswell” (4770S) processor with quad cores (four independent processor cores on a single silicon chip, each with one thread). Each core has a dedicated 256k level 2 cache and all processor cores share a single 8 MB level 3 cache. It also supports Turbo Boost 2.0 (up to 3.9 GHz) — which “automatically boosts the processor speed based on workload” (so if an application is only using one of the four cores it will automatically increase the speed of the core in use and turn off the unused cores) — and “Hyper Threading” — which allows the system to recognize eight total “cores” or “threads” (four real and four virtual).
Hot category – huge power upper end MacPro 12 core 5,1 loaded and the prices have dropped on both the 3.33 Hex core with 12 processing threads and TurboBoost to 3.6 gHz. The crazy powerful 12 core  ( 24 processing threads ) now under $3k well configured. Upgrades from your existing 5,1 machines in stock.
Here is why they are popular – 90 % of the processing speed of a current twelve core 2.7 starting 1/3 the price!!
Popular MacPro 3.33 hex core ( 12 processing threads) 12 gig RAM 120 SSD boot 2 TB 7200 rpm media drive with new color accurate Dell Ultrasharp 16:10 monitor. $1990 Back in stock.
Already have a 4,1 or 5,1 MacPro tower??? Talk to us about processor, ram and drive upgrades as well as video cards. For heavy lifting we have in stock MacPro 5,1 3.33 12 core ….most powerful of all the Macs short of the current 6,1 12 core that costs way way more money.Take your so-so 5,1 8 core to big dog 3.33 12 core for under $1k!  Choice of video cards, RAM and drive to meet your needs. Blistering fast Acelsior cards and cost effective GTX video cards offering outstanding performance. We are seeing most ProTool 12 users adopting the 12 core 5,1. Talk to us as our advice will change depending on your future goals,
Audio deal ….our pick audio and graphics use….MacPro 3.33 Hex Core  Turbo Boost to 3.6 gHz 12 processing threads 12 gigs RAM 120 SSD 2 TB media drive – this week only. $1890  •  12 core 3.33 5,1 in stock as well more suitable for Protools use by advanced users. Some trades welcome
Moving to Apollo Thunderbolt as an interface?…will trade your current MacPro 5,1 to a dual Thunderbolt solution, desktop or laptop very cost effectively.
20”iMacs for $390  finally back in stock $490 with SSD
27” i7 quad  iMacs start at $880 and can act as HD media centre as the built in sound systems are quite good. They can also function as additional monitors. Talk us about a strategy to extend the use of these durable machines and why they offer such superb value. 2 left
For the home user and admin in business ….open architecture 21.5 i5 iMacs offer flexible machines with higher RAM capacity and more flexible drives configurations ( and better drives ) than the thin models.
2011 21.5 2.5 i5 Quad iMacs starting $690– these are terrific flexible machines that are fully upgradeable and have Thunderbolt and can play movies at full HD quality.  These are very suitable for admin and light Pro work both graphics and in particular audio as they are Quad processors and can be easily upgraded to a variety of drive and RAM configurations unlike the current sealed machines. Starting $790 with SSD
Enamoured of thin?….we have a few of the 2012-2013 models and can put SSDs in them to offset the slow drive that comes stock

unnamed-1OWC Stockist  MacDoc has had a long relationship with OWC …one of the fastest growing tech companies with superb products for Mac users. Why they’ve been around almost as long as us! 😀 Our prices for their gear are generally at par when the exchange rate and shipping are factored in. Sometimes we’re cheaper!! Products we do not stock will be available within a week and we offer local warranty for OWC products and in some cases immediate replacement. They have far more products available than we stock but we can get them in quickly. New exciting products continue to roll out.  OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock with a Best of CES Spotlight Award is in stock. The much needed USB-C dock is coming soon and we have a number of UB-C peripherals in stock. .

There are lots of Thunderbolt 3.0 peripherals coming in 2017 including a 6 bay Thunderbay Bolt 3.0 check them out

For ALL OWC orders…please quote the part number from the OWC site…our prices will be at par taking exchange into account and we have many popular products in stock – drive and RAM in particular. We can also handle warranty in a very timely way. You can contact staff directly at for OWC orders.

New from OWC….long awaited drive upgrades for later model Airs and Retina laptops right up to 2015 models. Larger 2 TB SSD drives for all non-Retina laptops, iMacs and MacPro 5,1 towers.  2TB SSD on a Accelsior E card $970. Big time good for audio pros. Newer Tech high performance batteries available for newer models as well. Let us do a make over for you.  Also coming shortly a slick way of getting flash speed externally on the Retina iMacs. Stay tuned on that. Up to to 2 TB.  We are offering drive upgrades on thin panel iMacs nowl
Upgrades…. RAM prices are well down as are SSD and flash drive upgrades. Never a better time to get new life from your current Mac. Even processor upgrades for 4,1 and 5,1 MacPros offer superb value for money. We can add SSDs to any iMac Aluminum even Fusion drives to some.
     Two drive bays for 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives, Internal Power with Independent power switches, USB 3.0 Connectivity. Mac and PC compatible. Thunderbolt version available
We continue to stock in depth OWC RAM and SSD solutions along with Thunderbay and Qx2 solutions and NewerTech batteries. Stay tuned for the next decade. The ultra slim MacBook with come of age with OWCs new dock.
Got an older MacPro? Brilliant product from OWC…Accelsior S with speeds to 550 mps – for previous generation MacPros ….480 for $325 • 1 TB for $525  2 TB available.
Thunderbolt space OWC is out with a series of cost effective Thunderbolt Drives up to 40 TB and 7-800 mps read write in a compact case. Others starting at $629 for 4 TB complete with Thunderbolt cables. The dual bay includes USB 3.0.
16 and 20 TB Qx2 eSATA/USB 3.0 in stock as well. Very high speed Tbolt solutions available to extend your workspace and speed.
Just announced the Thunderbay Mini with up to 40 TB of SSD space in a tiny footprint !!!
We are seeing sustained speeds of 7-800+ MBps in both read and right from the OWC 4 bay Thunderbay. RAID 0. Under $1k for 8 TB at 7-800 mps both directions and all OWC Thunderbolt solutions include Thunderbolt cables. Available with high speed storage to 24 TB in a single case.  Special pricing on 24 TB RAID $2139.
We have up to 1 TB flash based external which are expandable both for more space and PCi cards. In stock, Helios and Accelsior products from OWC. Helios lets you use your existing PCI cards with the new MacPros – 800 megs per second or more. Quick and portable USB 3.0 and TBolt bus powered 1 TB SSD. 
Our OWC prices are at par with the US site when currency is taken into account. We stock a large variety and if not in stock can have the next week.

Video Pros will want to explore the storage networking solution OWC Jupiter solutions offer.

NewerTech an OWC company supplies batteries for nearly all Mac Portables…more powerful than the OEM they replace plus a variety of docks.
Special projects …monthly maintenance..mixed PC environments
Peter Gugeler who has been with us over a decade offers a wide range of consultative services.
Call us for competitive rates on short or near term rentals right up to full production suitesAsk about our innovative “guaranteed buy back” program for intermediate term situations.
Your Mac in for service?? We have special rates and quick response to emergencies.
Travelling? -We rent portables right up to full production MacBook Pros. We have lease to own options to help with your cashflow and of course we ‘


We are EXTREMELY competitive on volume orders of monitors and educational software etc on all platforms. See what we can do – contact us with a quote to beat. You’ll be pleased. Mac trades accepted.
Storage and backup
There are simply waaaay too many drive and storage options these days……talk to us  Email 
Backup with ease…Backup is critical.
For as little as $77 including the hard drive you can have totally safe backup!! . The backups are easy and as frequent as you wish and if something goes wrong on the main drive you can immediately boot into the backup. What are you waiting for??
We’ve rescued way too many “almost disasters” in the last few months where drive component failures or directory failures have put important data at risk. Storage is so cheap right now there is simply no reason not to have backup and preferably removable backup
Drive recovery. Despite our years of warning sometimes drives fail at awkward moments. We get most of these drives back at a reasonable price. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL BEFORE TRYING ANYTHING YOURSELF.
CAUTION: We are seeing too many drives failing in 2-3 year old portables. Please backup daily, we highly recommend having your drive scanned for bad blocks. We’ll do it for free with the purchase of any backup drive. Talk to us. Replacing the internal drive with larger, cooler running long warranty drives is worth doing as well.
WATER DAMAGE? call us  immediately day or night.  PULL THE POWER. DO NOT TRY AND RESTART. PULL BATTERY IF YOU CAN. Open it partially and flip it upside down and let it rest like this. CALL US 905-608-8588
Speed tip Slow web lately? try this – paste into the DNS Servers window in your Network Setup
Machine stock shifts quickly
As always – these are examples and do not substitute for proper advice. We will craft a deal specifically for your professional or family use.
Who we are
Supporting the Canadian Mac community since 1985!
We’re now into MacDoc’s 33rdvyear supporting the Canadian Mac Community and that mostly enjoyable occupation has been a central feature for the latter part of my 7 decades.
Had coffee with my very first client from back then – still buying Macs from his favorite source and swapping family life tales.

Thanks to all for their support over the years ..send friends!

3 Score and ten ??? ….Oct marks my 70th birthday yeah some mornings it feels like it but on the open road with my pretty red Honda CBF1000 or travelling the Scottish backroads with my Australian partner, it remains a very satisfying run. Nearly half that span I’ve been in the Mac biz and still have my first client from 32 years ago. From the FatMac to to an SE30 with fangs, the 6100AV and the Bondi Blue iMac and the “weaponized G4” that put Apple back on track it’s been exciting. Today’s Macs are breathtaking and tho Steve is missed Apple’s design team brings us amazing tools that are a pleasure to use. Thanks for all those years supporting MacDoc….a few more to come then and then I’ll bow out slowly and let a new generation continue. Send Friends