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Spring Flyer is out. This site is under construction, email for great deals and current information

Escaped to the Ends of the Earth March 23rd  and back again- the world has changed. April 1st – yes we are open. Getting back in gear tho still in isolation. More than ever …send friends.

Covid virus. Partner and I are not at risk and staff have taken some measures to avoid risk at the office. Our outside staff asked for this to be posted. Website is very outdated for product. I will be in home isolation for one more week.

Peter, our main onsite tech, can do 90% of his work remotely. Don’t let fears of Covid-19 keep you living with computer troubles  Give him a call at 647-968-7499 or email
We know Mac gear is not top of mind at the moment but many of you work from home and we are here to help out be it rental, purchase help or keeping it going. We have lots of machines that can be rented or purchased and can get them to you.
Our everyday prices are always so good, it’s hard to come up with better deals This one is.
Popular  deal …2014 21.5 iMac 8 gig 256 SSD with kb and mouse $770
so is this
2013 iMac 27″  3.5 i7 Quad  Turbo boost to 3.9 gHz  AND hyperthreading for 8 processing threads
Dual Thunderbolt USB 3.0 GT750m 4 GB  discrete video card 8 gig  RAM 1 TB 7200  $1190 Lower price
Have some very well prices 4k 21.5s as well. See your photos as never before
Retina laptops from $880 including 15″.
iMac 27″ from $880, MacMinis from $390 and MacPros from $690 and yes we can make them run the newer OSes 
Many are one only – but too many to list…have other outstanding deals….if you are in the market …this is the time to talk to us.
I’m around all weekend and evenings through the week.  Got a few too many Thunderbolt 3 laptops…13” and 15” …in the mood to deal.  16″in stock but Catalina only…some trades welcome.

Catalina warning about lost mail. We suggest waiting. If you get stuck we can take you back but there is a fee.

Happy to haggle ..have some super deals on 2014/15/17/18/19 MacBook Pro 15s ….save hundreds – around this weekend ..some trades taken.

Popular portables and family machines

Our best seller. 13” Retina MacBook Pro back in stock976E3A71-E042-453B-B81F-EA240409831D impossible to keep stock …more enroute .. 8 gig 256 from $990. Not many .  We are very low on these but have faster 512s at superb pricing. These have gotten very popular lately including 15″ as well …. One of my competitors came in today and said why are you selling them so cheap?….I said ..because we can. We chase these machines all over the continent and pass the savings along and of course …despite growing acceptance of the newer models….these remain very popular due to standard ports and drives easily upgraded to NVMe Just impossible to keep in stock ….we have some very nice with new screens and some with 16 gigs of RAM at somewhat higher price point. MacDoc warranty and support. We have a very wide range with exceptional value for the student or family on a budget. Now with 512, 1 and 2 TB drives.

For those wanting standard ports even lighter…2015 Airs in stock i5 and i7.

4k and 5k iMacs are just a treat to use. The screens are incredible. 500 nits britghtness. Your photos will look insanely good revealing details you’ve not even seen before. With the longest night approaching these incredible screens will brighten your day and your photos. Lovely for streaming as well.

Starting $1770 i7 Quad for a 27” 5k well equipped and $1290 for a 21.5 4k.  Disney+ looks wonderful.

Have a big range and open to deal… We have a wide range right up to 2019 powerhouse that out powers a 6,1 MacPro.  SSDs for pokey iMacs are a treat… we can install them. Late model iMacs too ….talk us about NVMe drive rocketry.

Price drop on a terrific 27” iMac – we really like this machine which is now down to consumer pricing levels.


27″ iMac 5k (L 2015) 4.0 i7 Quad 16 GB 1867 MHz 1 TB Fusion Radeon R9 M390 2 GB

Home or production this is a superb machine with flexible OS and standard ports. Amazing deal on a Retina 27” with i7 quad …$1770  …upgrade to 32 gigs for $99 this week.


We have very powerful thin iMacs i7 quads starting $990 with SSD. You will not be disappointed

Home or media Pro
The new MacMini is truly astonishing powerhouse. Geekbench 4 (MC): 24072  !!!!

for reference a black 8 core MacPro Geekbench 4 (MC): 21935 and just a hair under the 2.7 12 core. Plus you get the advantage of faster RAM and Thunderbolt 3

Acceptance of Thunderbolt 3 USB-c is growing. Always special consideration for students and families on a budget. Talk to us.

The light weight, the incredible screens and crazy drive speeds are very appealing. Come in and see.

My first client from 35 years ago just snapped up one to go with his snazzy new Tesla which I got to drive. Very impressive.

  Long awaited MacPro released some trades welcome. Catalina only.  iMac Pro will make more sense for many and have more flex with the OS

MacPro released but 2 weeks out…some trades welcome. Before you jump. Read this

16″ MacBook Pro available. Looks good tho nothing in power gain. See sidebar for analysis.
….some other features enhanced other than the screen. Some trades welcome. This is Catalina only
Get desktop power to go. Bundle with a 4k monitor $3990

Acceptance of Thunderbolt 3 with 64 and even 128 RAM capacity on the newer models plus awesome performance is persuasive.

Many more Thunderbolt 3 externals as well but be careful – they are not all very functional …we stick with OWC

The new MacMini is truly astonishing powerhouse. Geekbench 4 (MC): 24072  !!!!for reference a black 8 core MacPro Geekbench 4 (MC): 21935 and just a hair under the 2.7 12 core. Plus you get the advantage of faster RAM and Thunderbolt 3. The Thunderbay Mini is a nice match with 6 core i7 MacMini.
In stock  …the heart of a great audio rig .
MacMini 3.2 i7 16 256 with 27” 4k monitor $1990 very limited stock
We have 32 512 in stock for more.

add the new Akitio Thunder3 RAID Station ( now an OWC branded product ) see details below starting $377

Put your own drives in or a pair of SSDs or standard drives up to 32 TB ( 16 TB x 2 ) Special  Akitio 8 TB Enterprise RAID $677 

We are seeing lots of upgrades …..SSD prices are way down and the NVMe technology provides excellent gains in performance.
Processor upgrades for 5,1 and 6,1 towers as well as RAM and drives for them –  NVMe drives rock. With the new machines mostly locked down for  upgrades the last non-USB-C generation are very attractive both for price and performance…..ease of use.

2020 Flyer is out….email for it ….web site is NOT updated fully but in progress -.More deals – we have a large stock of very well priced hex core 2018 MacBook Pros,  Retina iMacs including  2019, MacMinis and 2019 MacBook Pros. 2015 Retinas are flying out the door …with NVMe drives available ….they are superb machines.

We need Retina 2014-2015 trades ….good time to move forward to the delightful 2018 and 2019 models with crazy bright screens and insanely fast drives.

Price drops on the 15″ Retina 2014/2015 …they are very popular with their standard ports. Clients looking for large storage should consider these.  Most of our 2015 15″ are the desirable dual GPU. All recalls are done on ours and many with new batteries and some with new screens. There is lots of gotchas out there.

 Crazy deal 27″ Cinema with 15″ Macbook Pro retina. $1990

…we have Quad i7s with 16 1 TB now under $2kThat’s $1500 less than current machines…and they have standard ports. Some trades welcome.  Already have a 2014-2015 ?? NVMe drives gives you more speed AND space….up to 2 TB NVMe

4k and 5k iMac s are just a treat to use. The screens are incredible. 500 nits. Your photos will look insanely good revealing details you’ve not even seen before.  Starting $1770 for a 5k and $1290 for a 4k. Just in ….pro level 2015 i7 Quad 27″ 


We have a wide range right up to 2019 powerhouse that rivals a MacPro.

SSDs for pokey iMacs are a treat… we can install them.

Mojave and Catalina questions on 5,1 GPU …contact Peter

Zoom zoom ….2019 2.4. 8 core MacBook Pro ..well priced in stock with Applecare+ – crazy prices . thanks to the 16″ release. These will run Mojave …the 16″ will not.  2018 15.4 will run High Sierra.  Some trades welcome


Breakthrough price on 6 core MacBook Pros with extended Applecare and 32 gigs of RAM 2 only with the 560x GPU. no slouches either …don’t let the 2.2  fool you ….  not far off the 8 core  MacPro 6,1 in power.

We have more machines and more deals than listed here. New Flyer is out 
HOT!  MacPro 6,1 Processor Upgrades to 12 core …insanely good prices while supplies last.
We have drive upgrades to the new NVMe flash drives to 2 TB – double the drive speed and RAM upgrades to 128.
With flexible OS the MacPro 6,1 remains very cost effective – we have machines with Apple warranty at a wide variety of configurations.
Easier connection with existing peripherals.  eGPU options also available with Radeon 580 8 gB cards in stock.

2012 MacPro 5,1 are still popular for audio clients.  Hex core and 12 core in stock well priced – prices are down …power still relevant.

We offer machines well equipped 3.33 12 core with 96 gigs of RAM and 2 TB SSD drives on a an OWC Accelsior card
These machines clock in at 31,000 on Geekbench while an entry iMacPro costing at least double comes in at 33,000. for more than twice the price.
In addition you have the ability to add internal drives, a choice of upper end video cards if you wish
MIGHTY – Mac Mini (2018) 3.2 i7 Hex core 32gb 2666MHz 512 Flash Intel UHD 630 some trades welcome 1 TB Flash machine in stock as well.
We have a wide variation of 2018 MacMinis and some with 1 TB flash in stock. Ask about monitor deals with this.
There are wide variations on RAM and drive. We prefer clients go with OWC NVMe technology in an external case for increased drive space without sacrificing any drive speed at all
We have an i5 version hex core even less and some full pro models with 64 gigs of RAM and larger drives. In your decision tho do not over look the Hex core laptops
OWC ThunderBlade is the ultimate working drive for media professionals. The newest model transfers up to 1TB of media in under four and half minutes! For creative professionals and prosumers who work with 4K and 8k video, ThunderBlade can mean the difference in staying under budget and on-schedule. ThunderBlade includes dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, so you can daisy-chain up to five additional drives. Plus, by connecting more than one ThunderBlade with SoftRAID, you can increase speeds up to 3800MB/s. Up to 8 TB

New’s about time

8 core i9 nice, Vega 48 graphics available. Might fit okay under the iMacPro. Have a well priced 8 core  in stock …very big gun and a very civilized i5 Hex core that will outrun the previous generation Quad i7s.


In praise of Hex cores. 

We’ve always liked the hex cores for performance for the money and to see them come to laptops and Mac Minis is total treat. These things rock. With VEGA graphics available…zoom zoom
We have incredible deals on these …..trades welcome

Special buy save big. 15″ MBP (2018) Touchbar 2.6 i7 Hex 4.3 GHz Turbo Space Grey 16 gig 2400 GHz 1TB Flash Radeon Pro 560X 4GB  AppleCare+ to September 8, 2021  –



Feature Deals 2018  – 6 core power house – our pick ……Geekbench 4 (MC) 21264 AWESOME! Some trades welcome. We have a selection. Don’t discount the 2.2 6 core.


Retina 15″ MBP (2018) Touchbar 2.6 i7 Hex 4.3 GHz Turbo Silver 16 gig 2400 GHz 512 GB FlashRadeon Pro 560x 4 GB We are seeing some serious processing speeds.  
…get a 50% processing bump over a 2017 15” and even more over the fastest 2014/2015. These hex core laptops rock.
We have a limited number of new open box 15”  6 core 2018s with 27” 4k Monitors at Black Friday pricing. Lease to own available.

Popular portables.

Always special consideration for students and families on a budget . Talk to us
Feature – one only
13” 2.9 8 256 Touchbar $1450 – our lowest cost Touchbar machine yet –  with remaining Applecare to Dec
15” 2.7 15” 16 512 Touchbar $1880 – our lowest cost Tbolt 3 15”  yet – 90 day warranty  ( additional Apple warranty may apply )

13” Road Warrior 2018 Quad Core i7  – for the first time we can put a 13” in the Pro category with some serious processing behind it and only 3 LB!!! Geez I love this machine.


…so light and so capable, insane 4.5 gHz TurboBoost. This is a thrilling machine. – 2 only – Geekbench 17,519  !!! Big gun in a small package and the screen will take your breath away.
I’m using one in Australia and really have enjoyed it. First time I don’t miss the 15”…and the 13 is soooo light.
13″ MBP (2018) Touchbar 2.7 i7 Quad  Space Grey 16 gig 2400 GHz 512 GB Flash Iris Plus 655  $2690
Compare at $3249 – available with Applecare+ Add a 27” 4k monitor to this.

We scored a sweet deal on the popular 8 gig 256 sealed with Apple warranty thanks to OWC. While we prefer the 13” MacBook Pro to the Air for screen and processor choices this is your lowest cost entry to USB-C. $1590 with Applecare

For those wanting standard ports…2015 Airs in stock i5 and i7.
Just in  Touchbar 13″MBP (2019) 4xTB3 / 2.4 i5 Quad Space Grey 8 gig 2133MHz  512 Flash Intel+  655  this is a very quick machine. Sealed. I use the i7 version of this and it is a treat. Will run 2 x 27″ 4k monitors. Insanely fast drive. Some trades welcome.
Watch the design film  We have a great choice

Retina 13″MBP (2017) 2xTB3 / 2.5 i7 Dual Space Grey 16 gig 2133MHz  256 Flash Intel Iris 650  this is a very quick machine. New open box  $1990 
Sharp deals on 15” Retina i7 Quads with standard ports –  a variety of configuration
Fantastic value Retina 15″ MBP (M 2015) 2.8 i7 Quad 4.0GHz 16 Gig 1600MHz 512 GB Flash Iris Pro 1.5GB

Rare dual GPU machine 15″ MBP (M 2015) 2.8 i7 Quad 4.0GHz TurboRetina 16 Gig 1600MHz 512 GB Flash R9 M370X 2GB

15″ MacBook Pro Retina  2014  2.2 i7 Quad 16 gigs RAM 512 PCi Flash
Geekbench 3 (64):14074 Our HOTTEST seller back in stock. Up to 2 T B NVMe drives available.
Batteries for Retina laptops $220 installed with fast turnaround. 1 year warranty. Retina 13” and 15″ 2012 through 2015.
Popular 13” Retina MacBook Pro
8 gig 256 from $990.  – back in stock.  We are very low on these but have  512s at superb pricing. These have gotten very popular lately including 15″ as well …. One of my competitors came in today and said why are you selling them so cheap?….I said ..because we can. We chase these machines all over the continent and pass the savings along and of course … A 13″ 2015 with 1 TB drive is a sweet DJ machine,
MacDoc warranty and support. We have a very wide range with exceptional value for the student or family on a budget.


Earlier MacBook Airs back in stock

Light machine …excellent power  MacBook Air  2.2 i7 8 gig 512  $1290 2 only left ..2017s with remaining Applecare + too.

with i7 processors these are capable of light pro work –
Our perennial best seller.  2012 MacBook Pro 15″….don’t be fooled by the model year
  FINALLY back in stock – DJs delight …huge power and dual drive capacity.
Our fav 2012 13″ MacBook Pro, off lease with USB 3.0 are back in stock at lower prices. starting $790 with warranty.
Specials. 8 gigs of RAM and 1 TB 7200 drive $880  or 8 gigs 240 SSD $880 These are suitable for light Pro work especially in audio and are very upgradeable. Includes optical drive. Backlit keyboard.
Pro gear
Clients move up in power and features …we were 28% up last quarter year over year! 
We are pleasantly surprised at the number of clients moving up to more powerful machines and we have options without breaking the bank.
With our increased volume we are pleased to welcome a calm and personable new staff Peter Glen
New from OWC
Lower price on 12 core 6,1 upgrades …$990 installed.

Okay you’ve graduated to the Mac big leagues . now what??

iMacPro … Godzilla is free… from $6990 with 128 1 TB SSD …some trades welcome. 64 gig available.
It’s a power house! I’ve never truly felt like I’ve had enough power to let my imagination run wild. I think that’s finally changed.  from a happy user



Hey there, we have it setup and running DaVinci Resolve. It’s whipping through this footage and not breaking a sweat at 24-28fps (Red RAW UHD) vs our 12-13 on a 12 core 2010 Mac Pro. Making a huge difference so far! System is super fluid even while this is running. Able to open and launch other programs no problem while rendering out. And whisper quiet the whole time. Definitely considering one of these for my own rig! Really impressed so far.

Shawn Gerrard
Post-Production Supervisor

Rent an iMac Pro or 12 Core MacPro to get that project finished

MacPro 6,1– Our source for these current model MacPros at sharp prices has dried up …still a very few left.
BUT  we have some amazing prices on 10 core and 12 core upgrades ….
Big gun for less money  –   MacPro 3.5 6 core 32 gig 512 D500s with 27″ 4K monitor $3550 lower price. – prices vary. 8, 10  and 12 core available
15” 2.9 Quad i7 versions available with extended Applecare….amazing price points….these are preferable in for some applications over the lower clock 8 core.
2018 MacBook Pro 15″ 2.6 i7 Quad 16 512 4gb 560x GPU  and LG 27″ 4k monitor …insane deal $3770 new sealed 2 only – lower price. Special bundle
I use this combo on my own desk plus another 50″ 4k screen…just a joy. 2.9 available with extended Applecare 2 only
Lovely combo deals for those that want work space the 4k monitor provides and small travel weight of the 13″ USB-C MacBook Pro. Applecare + means you are covered for accidental damage for a limited amount out of pocket. Both screens will take your breath away – For superb workspace ...take 27″ LG and a 2018 15″ 2.6 16 512 for $3880 with extended Applecare .  32 gig version available with 17″ under $4k
Add a matching OWC Travel Dock for $59 with any USB-C laptop – now available in a 100 watt version for the 15″. $79 with machine purchase.
5k iMac deals ..we are happy to offer Quad i7 5k iMacs now under  $2k.  You will never regret buying one.
Absolutely off the wall..performance.  Killer configuration for low cost – in stock These are fine family machines but will not let you down if you want to take your work home. Very few left.
2013 iMac 21.5  3.1 i7 Quad  Turbo boost to 3.9 gHz  AND hyperthreading for 8 processing threads
Dual Thunderbolt USB 3.0 GT750m 1 GB  discrete video card 16 gig  RAM 500 SSD $1290 Lower price
Perfect for Pro audio or almost anything else and many prefer dual smaller monitors and that is easy with this model. Far and away the most horsepower for the money of anything around. with 8 processing threads that’s a lot of ooomph
Geekbench 14159 that’s near on a par with every current Quad i7 Apple offers even the MacPro 3.7 which is 14426
Big Screen …Pro level performance 27″ iMac (Late 2013) 3.5 i7 Quad 16GB 1600MHz 500 SSD GTX 780M 4GB  Geekbench 3 (64): 14673  $1770!!
The power house that Apple cancelled. …special buy 2.3 i7 Quad 16 gig 500 SSD $990.  back in stock
Add a new colour correct Pro level Dell 16:10 24” for $290
In 2013 Apple discontinued the MacMini Quad Core i7s. They were outperforming many more expensive machines….and still do.
WIth dual drive capacity ….these are terrific machines for audio work. See comparison with current models below.
The new models are attractive but you cannot upgrade the drives and there is still USB-C to deal with and Mojave only on 2018 MacMini.
The Cheese Grater MacPros ….,Can’t keep them in stock- huge power- upper end MacPro 12 core 5,1 loaded and the prices have dropped on both the 3.33 Hex core with 12 processing threads and TurboBoost to 3.6 gHz. The crazy powerful 12 core  ( 24 processing threads ) Lower price
Upgrades from your existing 5,1 machines in stock.
Here is why they are popular – 90 % of the processing speed of a current twelve core 2.7 starting 1/3 the price!!
And we have a 3.33 6 core and 12 core in stock for even more power at new lower prices
Popular MacPro 3.33 hex core ( 12 processing threads) 12 gig RAM 250 SSD boot 2 TB enterprise level media drive with new color accurate Dell Ultrasharp 16:10 monitor.
back in stock – 12 core 3.33 and 3.47 …competitive pricing.
available without monitor and other configs…  Lower price on hex and 12 core.
Already have a 4,1 or 5,1 MacPro tower??? Talk to us about processor, ram and drive upgrades as well as video cards. For heavy lifting we have in stock MacPro 5,1 3.33 12 core ….most powerful of all the Macs short of the current 6,1 12 core that costs way way more money. Take your so-so 5,1 8 core to big dog 3.33 12 core .  Choice of video cards, RAM and drive to meet your needs. Blistering fast Acelsior cards and cost effective GTX video cards offering outstanding performance. We are seeing most ProTool 12 users adopting the 12 core 5,1. Talk to us as our advice will change depending on your future goals,
Visit OWC for current stock and prices .
We are on par for price ( or less ) when exchange is considered.
There are lots of Thunderbolt 3.0 peripherals available including a 6 bay Thunderbay ThunderBolt 3.0 check them out
your contact for OWC products and upgrades is Dax …

Who we are
Supporting the Canadian Mac community since 1985!
We’re now into MacDoc’s 34th year supporting the Canadian Mac Community and that mostly enjoyable occupation has been a central feature for the latter part of my 7 decades.
Had coffee with my very first client from back then – still buying Macs from his favourite source and swapping family life tales. Got to drive his new Tesla ( very nice ) and he treated himself to the delightful 13″ Thunderbolt 3 MacBook Pro.

Thanks to all for their support over the years ..send friends!


3 Score and twelve 😀 ??? ….Oct marked my 72nd birthday yeah some mornings it feels like it but on the open road with my pretty new red Honda CB500x or travelling the Scottish backroads with my Australian partner, it remains a very satisfying run. Nearly half that span I’ve been in the Mac biz and still have my first client from 33 years ago. From the FatMac to to an SE30 with fangs, the 6100AV and the Bondi Blue iMac and the “weaponized G4” that put Apple back on track it’s been exciting. Today’s Macs are breathtaking and tho Steve is missed Apple’s design team brings us amazing tools that are a pleasure to use. Thanks for all those years supporting MacDoc….a few more to come then and then I’ll bow out slowly and let a new generation continue. Send Friends.