The Original MacDoc : David Hellstern
Chief cook and bottle washer
Sales email : macdoc@macdoc.com
Sales Phone : 905-608-8588

Providing Mac solutions to clients evolved from my management consulting practice which helped small businesses and groups obtain financing, motivate employees, and get efficient in an increasingly demanding business environment. Macs were and are good tools and I started to promote their use.

Dylan Miehm
Audio pro, Windows/Mac technical service
Direct email : dylan@macdoc.com
Service Phone : 905-608-8500

Long experience with technical issues with Mac and PC. Dylan is a DJ with good knowledge of what you need in the audio field. Service lines available 10 am to 4 pm – daily – by arrangement at other times.

Available by referral from David:
Peter Gugeler, Friendly Geek Consulting

Email for appointment times for on-location Mac service/PC service/networking. For web and video work Peter will contact directly.

Referral rewards!

Attention freelancers and others who advise friends and associates on Macs. You can earn free RAM and other hardware by passing along the Macdoc name and circulating the sales items. The deal pages are easy to print

We are always looking for reps in Mac related businesses to work with to provide their clients with customized Mac solutions. Feel free to call us if you are interested. Many knowledgeable Mac enthusiasts have enhanced their systems working with us.

Stay tuned. Thanks for all the business over the last 35 years……more to come