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To make our responses faster especially when I’m traveling please direct price/info requests to peterf@macdoc.com

Flyers are to generate a conversation so we can identify your needs and a solution that fits your budget. It’s not a grocery flyer. At times we will have some specific deals that are attractive but every person has different requirements – we retain our first pro client from 30 years ago as we meet his changing needs over time. The flyer serves to let you know of new things, things to watch out for, and sometimes specific deals that are attractive like the 21.5 i7 iMac – a total powerhouse for cheap. Primarily they are a start to a conversation.

PLEASE email any requests instead of phoning – with our sales volume and attention to specific needs plus variety of products we simply cannot do justice to your needs on a phone call. Upgrades and drives from OWC are best directed to peterf@macdoc.com

MacDoc is movong again( not far ) We like the new set up. Phones are operating as usual and I will be handling sales inquiries by email from where ever I might be. Please try and restrict contact to email.

MacDoc clients seem to want to keep me around for a while so plans are for another decade with me playing senior curmudgeon while staff prepare their coup down the road some 😉 Oz GF and I will be doing our escapes tho. 😀

WE NEED TRADES – from 2012 forward (limited models) – fair value offered on your older Macs – save tax 

Note – we do NOT sell iPhones and only on occasion iPad Pros

Who we are
Supporting the Mac community since 1985!
We’re now in
MacDoc’s 31st year supporting the Canadian Mac Community and that mostly enjoyable occupation has been a central feature for the latter part of my 6 decades.
Just had coffee with my very first client from back then – still buying Macs from his favorite source and swapping family life tales.
MacDoc has been helping clients with Macs 30 years this November and we’d like to thank you all.

ALL sales queries please email macdoc@macdoc.com

Communication choosing a computer takes some time and dialogue…please try and use a desktop or laptop rather than an iPhone …there is a lot of detail and information in many of our replies and trying to do that on a tiny screen or by phone is an exercise in frustration for us both. We’re good at this …benefit from our 30 years in the Mac business. Besides….we send cool pics

Please do NOT send sales question to the Admin@macdoc.com address

Admin@macdoc.com is purely for followup, shipping, RMA and technical install appointments. All questions regarding specific OWC products should be directed to Admin@macdoc.com for pricing and availability. Thanks. 

What’s with the concentration on 15″ Retina’s? With the release of the current MacPro designed around 4K video editing and the emergence of cost effective Thunderbolt arrays…the Retina 15″ replaces the MacPro towers for many users – basically anyone not doing 4k video. With support for 2 x 27″ screens PLUS HDMi out and it’s own wonderful Retina workspace the Retina 15″ becomes a full production/desktop powerhouse that you can pick up and go.

Most power users will have a portable as well….we see the Retina 15″ with a 27″ monitor of your choice ( like a matte screen for designers ) a better and more flexible choice. Managing one machine is far easier and we recommend concentrating your tech dollars on a 15″ Retina plus monitors as a better strategy. OR ..get real horsepower in an 8 or 12 core tower with fully open architecture and huge ability to upgrade and flexibility on OS choice and drive choices and monitor choices.

Why not the iMac? Updated Indeed why not now?? the current 5k Retina iMac is a terrific machine. Ground breaking. The same caveats applies tho – not flexible on space and power as the previous generation MacPros are..but wow what a screen and state of the art in video card. Previous generation iMacs are now very good value – open architecture….easy to rig with SSDs

Monitors. Picked up a Dell 27″ Ultrasharp for use in Australia and really enjoy it. Superb value and quality imaging. Dell is offering some fine colour accurate iPS screens at superb pricing including a new U2414H unit with ultrathin bezel that allows almost seamless workspace the size of a 30″ but with flexible arrangement for $600 or so. Lovely set of inputs as well. I use a 32″ Dell U3219Q cuurently with HDR support.

24″ and 27″ Dell monitors on special and some exciting new models as well including 4k in stock.

13. Mac universe overview

Haswell Retina’s – we were impressed with the drive speed of the big Retina a in the 700+ MB/s in either direction but we think the winner for value is the 13″ Retina 8 gig 256 for those not doing heavy media production. Only $200 more than the Air this is a superior machine all around and with 1680×1050 resolution that’s the same workspace as the discontinued classic Hi-res screens and it’s anti-glare as well. The companion to this for those not doing upper media work – the 15″ with Iris Pro is $400 more and offers the bigger screen and an i7 quad. If you can live with 256 drive space – either of these are good value. Just be a little careful jumping as this is a new processor and OS – these cannot boot Mountain Lion.

New MacPros – Apple narrowed the market for the MacPro but the outcome is excellent for the previous gen machines, open architecture towers at the prices they should have been in the first place are being snapped up by savvy users. Superb prices on the previous gen MacPro 6,1 towers up to 12 core.  We have a selection of drive RAM and processors. 

FusionDrives – quite pleased – you must be on Mountain Lion or up and we can do one for you in a variety of machines as long as you are on Mountain Lion. Be careful using with large files as the speed is not there for large media use. Fusion drives have been discontued by Apple but are very viable for upgrading.

MacPros now and then
The MacPros might seem only for the heavy production situations after using them personally I’m pleased to see that there are distinct benefits for the the multi-tasking power user as well.
This is the first Mac that no matter what you throw at it – it does not bog or hesitate. Oh yeah – completely silent. The OS distributes the processing across the cores up to 24 processes at a time – brilliant.
You’ll not regret it. Long term buy for the discerning Mac lover 

17. Yes we RENT MACS
Call us for competitive rates on short or near term rentals right up to full production suites.
Ask about our innovative “guaranteed buy back” program for intermediate term situations.
Your Mac in for service?? We have special rates and quick response to emergencies.
Travelling? -We rent portables right up to full production MacBook Pros.

18. Schools
Schools we are EXTREMELY competitive on volume orders of monitors and educational software etc on all platforms. See what we can do – contact us with a quote to beat. You’ll be pleased. Mac trades accepted.

19. CAUTION: We are seeing too many drives failing in 2-3 year old portables. Please backup daily, we highly recommend having your drive scanned for bad blocks. We’ll do it for free with the purchase of any backup drive. Talk to us. Replacing the internal drive with larger, cooler running long warranty drives is worth doing as well.
Drive recovery . Despite our years of warning sometimes drives fail at awkward moments. We get most of these drives back at a reasonable price. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL BEFORE TRYING ANYTHING YOURSELF.